Our unique platform integrates telehealth with practice software, online booking & payment facilities like no other. Offering telehealth & web-coaching offers your heathcare business a new means to triage clients, offer follow-on care & capture revenue for your professional advice. Our software is suitable in any healthcare setting (from personal training to psychiatry). Set up an account in 5 minutes and you’re plugged in and ready to go with a 14 day free trial. Make your subscription back in one telehealth session (depending on your rates)

Early Bird Rate Subscribe before January 31st, 2018

Monthly subscription €30 (ex. VAT)

Normal Rate As of January 31st, 2018

Monthly subscription €49 (ex. VAT)


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ePOS Pricing
We apply a 2.4% +25c charge on all card transactions when availing of our electronic till feature. This allows you to secure card details at the point of booking (to reduce no shows!) & store these details for future invoices with client consent (no more chasing payments!). You can avail of it to accept payments for telehealth or inhouse sessions should you choose to. To give you an idea of what these fees would look like, see some examples of our pricing structure here:

Monthly Practice Income

Total Cost/Month

Monthly Practice Income

Total Cost

Monthly Practice Income

Total Cost

Monthly Practice Income

Total Cost

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