Telehealth Meets Practice Software: Sale Now On

Time is of the essence at your Physiotherapy clinic. What if there were a means to reduce No Shows & Improve Efficiency when it comes to Triaging and Follow ups? Developed by an Irish GP & Physio team, Physiolinked (in collaboration with Vidyo) effortlessly integrates affordable practice management software  with groundbreaking video-conferencing facilities: a combined approach, competitively-priced. The first end-to-end solution […]

Early Bird Rate On Exciting New PhysioLinked Telehealth Feature

Struggling to manage your patient caseload? In need of more efficient systems to triage or follow up patients?….or indeed to capture remuneration for your advice as a physiotherapist? Developed by an Irish GP & Physio team, PhysioLinked (in collaboration with Vidyo) not only offers the first telehealth platform for Irish physiotherapists, but effortlessly integrates video-conferencing with practice management software from booking to […]

No More No Shows

NO MORE NO SHOWS As Irish healthcare professionals, we want to spend more time on what we do best: helping people live healthier lives. That’s why we developed PhysioLinked and are busy sharing our revolutionary software with countless healthcare professionals like yourself. Our aim is to centralise & reduce your admin time & costs, reduce no-shows and […]

What is an Electronic Till… and how will it save my clinic time, money and effort?

  One of the unique features of Physiolinked versus other practice management software suites is that it includes an Electronic Point Of Sale or EPOS. This is essentially a digital system (such as is used in shops, restaurants and other retail outlets) that lets people pay for goods or services. Our till allows physiotherapy clinics to accept […]

How To Keep Track Of Appointment Scheduling…

    If you’re getting a mixture of bookings such as: – Online bookings – Appointments made by phone – Appointments made in person It becomes very easy to keep track of who you’re scheduled to see and when using the PhysioLinked e-calendar, keeping all your appointments nicely organised in one place. Online When a patient makes […]

Tips To Avoid Double Booking

  When you consider adding an online booking option for your patients, one concern may be “Will these online bookings overlap with bookings we take in-house”? However with practice management software you can book patients into the system in-house, over the phone or online. One Platform While it can be challenging to adopt a new behaviour, and […]

Tips For Growing a Physiotherapy Practice

  How do you grow a physiotherapy practice? What can you do to get more patients to your clinic? Receive Referrals Some people don’t always consider attending a physiotherapist unless advised to them by their G.P. or consultant, its important to make yourself known to the medics in the area and to follow up with an […]

Time is Too Valuable to Waste

  As an allied healthcare professional, you and your patient’s time really is too valuable to waste. Two most common examples of where you can be thrown off schedule are: Patients Calling For Advice Sometimes your patients will call you in the middle of the working day for follow-up advice or to determine if they […]


  With Telehealth of Video Conferencing sessions becoming mainstream in North American and Canadian healthcare, isn’t it time we also implemented this service into our clinics? In fact 2 of every 3 Americans would change their healthcare provider if they didn’t offer telehealth….! So its only a matter of time before this highly efficient means […]